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Frontend Full Stack Developer Angular, ASP NET Safetica a.s. analyzes your application’s error logs and helps you identify, diagnose and resolve errors before they are visible to your end-users. Examination, display, and make better services with incremental updates and new features and app net full stack developer optimization. You will need to be familiar with IIS in order to deploy and host your applications. No upfront fees pay after placementpolicy, which means that you won’t have to pay any fees until you land a job as a full stack .NET developer.

DI is a powerful design pattern that promotes better code organization, testability, and maintainability. Your answer should highlight these advantages and explain how .NET Core’s built-in DI container simplifies the process of managing dependencies. This shows me that you have a strong grasp of best practices and can design software that’s easy to maintain and extend over time.

Frontend/Full Stack Developer (Angular, ASP.NET)

The product is the SaaS cloud-based platform designed to support and facilitate the capture, scoping, creation, authorization, and execution of statement of work services. Automated processes and business logic simplify and streamline the end-to-end process of provisioning SOWs across the supply chain. The platform is a multi-tenant SaaS application that is built using a modern ASP.NET Core. As a result, it is common to refer to .NET as a web API development tool, although it is also used for building mobile applications too. Conveniently, full stack developers can use it to support both front-end and back-end requirements.

Reduce the time spent on fixing errors without compromising product quality. Rewriting and making changes in existing code structure to boost effectiveness and also performance. Collaborate with peers to create the most effective solution possible using the .Net framework and Microsoft tech pile.

Hire a .NET Core/ASP.NET full stack Developer to build quality Business Solutions for your Requirement.

Using a Content Delivery Network to serve static assets, which can help reduce latency and improve load times for users around the world. It’s a text-based query language that is similar to SQL but designed specifically for Entity Framework. I’ve found that Entity SQL can be useful when I need more flexibility than LINQ-to-Entities, but it lacks the strong typing and IntelliSense support. Action filters are a feature in ASP.NET MVC that allow you to execute custom code before or after the execution of a controller action. They can be used for various purposes, such as logging, caching, or handling errors.

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This will demonstrate your ability to make informed decisions about data modeling and show that you can adapt to different project requirements. Avoid simply defining the two approaches – instead, provide examples from your own experience and explain the factors that influenced your choice. Also, .NET Core is constantly improving, making it popular for building web applications. Security is an important thing for any scalable application that cannot be compromised in any way. With features like code checking, code validation, security access code, and code encryption, .NET offers truly secure applications.

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When you integrate with your build server, that tells us when you’ve produced a new build or released it to a new environment, but it doesn’t show us your commits. Get notified of errors in your CI/CD environments as they occur in real-time. Powered by AI and machine learning, our algorithm analyzes how each error impacts your application and prioritizes them as they appear. Innovate and build high-quality software application options leveraging the flexibility of the .NET platform.

  • I also followed industry best practices for code organization and structure, which made it easier for my teammates to review and provide feedback on my work.
  • Web development trainingwith.NET involves development on the front-end and back-end of a web application.
  • From what I’ve seen, the .NET Core CLI is an invaluable tool for developers who prefer to work with a command-line interface, or when working on projects where an IDE is not available or practical.
  • I want to know if you’re familiar with its unique features and can make an informed decision when choosing between the two for a project.
  • Hire .NET full-stack developers who bring you the first-in-class business management and automation .NET applications.

Be prepared to discuss various techniques for implementing authorization, such as role-based access control, claims-based authorization, or custom authorization filters. Avoid giving a generic or overly simplistic answer, and instead, focus on sharing your experiences and insights on how you’ve successfully applied these concepts in previous projects. Experience and the expertise our full-stack .NET developers for hire possess comes with real-life overtime problem-solving experience. Engage us to work on your .NET application project development on a fixed-cost basis. We need the project requirement, and our team can take it from there, be it for .NET migration, integration and modernisation. Projects are delivered on a milestone basis and undergo a testing process before providing a well-written and tested .NET-based solution.

The Ultimate Full-stack .NET Developer Bundle

When answering this question, focus on explaining the concept of optimistic concurrency and how Entity Framework can be used to handle it, such as using timestamps or original values. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this approach and share any experiences you’ve had dealing with concurrency issues in your projects. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment in which developers work to write programs in one of several languages, including C#, and F#, for the .NET frameworks.

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Integrating a front-end framework like Angular or React with an ASP.NET MVC application can greatly improve the user experience and development process. I want to hear about your preferred method for integrating these technologies, whether it’s using the built-in support in Visual Studio or setting up a custom development environment. Your answer should demonstrate your understanding of both the front-end and back-end technologies and how they can work together effectively. This will help me see that you’re a versatile developer who can handle the challenges of full-stack development.


I noticed that the query was fetching a lot of unnecessary data, which was causing the issue. To resolve the problem, I implemented a more efficient query that only fetched the required data, along with adding proper indexing in the database to improve performance. I then thoroughly tested the changes to make sure the issue was resolved and there were no side effects.

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Even though the full-stack developers are priced slightly higher, you get an economical solution as less time is spent developing it. Get a business performance efficiency boost with the workflow management software by hiring a full-stack .NET developer. Hire a .NET developer or a team for your project needs and engage us weekly, monthly, or long-term. Based on the project, we recommend the best team with similar experience to deliver top-notch results. While you hire .NET full-stack developers from Infomaze, we provide consulting services that best serve your business purposes, delivering the .NET full-stack services.

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